You may be able to fix a black screen on Windows startup and make your computer usable again. Right-click chkdsk and choose Run as Administrator. 2.Expand Maintenance then under Drive status see the current health of your drives. A detailed log of the scan, and what was corrected if anything was, can be found in the list ofApplicationevents in Event Viewer.

  • System Restore is a way to undo system changes with restore point that you’ve created so to return system files and settings to an earlier point without losing personal data.
  • It includes both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions, so you don’t need to know which version of Windows your computer has.
  • You can also try reinstalling Windows 10 if you’ve made any changes.
  • Alternatively, it is also possible to check and fix hard drive errors using the Check Disk tool using Command Prompt Realtek drivers.

To begin with, go to the search box and type ‘reliability’ in it. As the drop-down menu appears, tick the boxes with the options of ‘Application’, ‘security’, and ‘system’. Open the search box in your Windows 10 system and type ‘Event Viewer’. Select the right option and right-click on it. I tried googling already and eliminated the possible causes like driver and bios update.

Top PC Repair Tools & Software: Speed up Windows Performance

It is possible that your drive simply lacks free storage space to install the update. See if you can make space by decluttering or using an exernal drive, reboot the machine, and give a Windows update another go. Once again, hit the back arrow to go back to language preferences. From here, you can click in the left-hand pane Change date, time, or number formats, and make sure the format is set to the correct language. On the Location tab, take a look at Home location, and then utilise the Administrative tab to check the System locale.

Using the Power Menu you can easily access the Windows Error Logs / Windows Event Viewer without going through the entire Control Panel, or using the Run command. Or you can take a snapshot of the entire screen and save as a .jpg file. Click on Create a Custom View on the right window. As you click on Create Custom View, a new window will pop up. Type Event Viewer in the Windows 10 Cortana search box.

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If you have other Windows 10-related issues, you can check for solutions in Windows 10 Issues and Fix section. Disk Speedup has a built-in Disk Doctor that checks hard drives and files for errors to fix them up. It generates reports showing the statistics of how much wear and tear hard disk has undergone through.

The company that manufactured the network adapter, according to the MAC Address. This column can help you to detect the type of the device or computer. For example, if the company name is Apple, the device is probably a Mac computer, iPhone, or iPad. When the background scan is turned on, you can use this option to get a ‘beep’ sound when a new device is detected. Version 1.27Added ‘Automatically Copy Device Name To User Text’ option. When it’s turn on, the user text of new device is automatically filled with the name of the device.

Method 8. Turn off Windows Defender Firewall or Antivirus Temporarily

It is so common, that it has been given the nickname “blue screen of death” or BSOD for short. Blue screens can vary, but they will almost always contain blue screens with white writing on them. If you don’t have the installation disk, use Easy Recovery Essentials to rebuild the BCD.

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